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I Want To Appeal As Leader Of Our Party, Please Mr. National Chairman Get Elders To Wade In- According to Bode George




Bode George, a former deputy chairman of the PDP and military governor of Ondo State, has expressed alarm over the political unrest in Rivers State involving former governor Nyesom Wike and governor Sim Fubara. He pointed out that there is a growing perception that the conflict is between an Ijaw guy and an Ikwerre man, which highlights the possible ethnic aspects of the political unrest in the area.

During an interview with Arise TV, Bode George expressed bewilderment over the strained relationship between the Ijaw and Ikwerre people, noting that they had previously collaborated harmoniously like brothers and sisters. He conveyed a plea to the National Chairman of the PDP, urging intervention to resolve the conflict before it exacerbates further, underscoring the need for party leadership to play a role in mitigating tensions and fostering unity.

In George’s words: “The way it is going now I am scared, not for PDP but I am scared because Rivers is the biggest electoral state in the whole of south-south and now people have started to see it as a fight from an Ijaw man to an Ikwerre man. Somebody was saying the Ijaw people are being insulted and I said these were the same people that worked like brothers and sisters, what on the globe is happening? And because of this period I want to appeal as a leader of our party, please Mr. National Chairman get elders to wade in before it is too late”.…PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

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