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I would not have done it if I was the man behind the machine, According to Air Commodore Balogun



Retired Air Commodore Abayomi Balogun, a former Nigerian Air Force pilot, stated that he would not have carried out the deadly army airstrike that regrettably claimed civilian lives in Tudun Biri, Kaduna state, if he had been the pilot in question.……CONTINUE READING>>>

During his interview with Arise TV, Balogun alleged that the incident occurred when the pilot attempted to neutralize a group of bandits who had infiltrated a gathering of civilians.

He said that caution should have been exercised before pulling the trigger and he expressed his personal stance that he would not have taken such action, adhering to the principle of refraining from action when in doubt.

In Balogun’s words: “Every day, human beings learn and we learn from our mistakes, so this was a mistake. Now, why did that guy pull the trigger you must ask? There were bandits and the bandits mixed with the citizens and he had to pull the trigger but there would have been caution.

For me, I would not have done it if I was the man behind the machine because our training says once there is doubt, don’t do it. There will always be another time to look for these guys (bandits)”.

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