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IDF Trolls Hamas in a Viral Photo Using a Quranic Phrase




Following its global social media debut, a picture of suspected Hamas members detained by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in Khan Yunis has sparked debate and indignation.

The Givati Brigade and Israeli flags are seen behind the shackled and blindfolded inmates in the Wednesday photo, which was obtained by Jerusalem Post.

But what has drawn the most attention is the large sign hanging above them, bearing a quote from the Koran that mocks the name of Hamas’ recent attack.

The sign reads: “.and the flood washed away their sins.” This is a verse from the Koran that refers to the biblical story of Noah and the great flood that God sent to destroy the wicked people of the earth.

The sign is a clear jab at Hamas, which named its October 7 attack on Israel “Al-Aqsa flood”, after the holy mosque in Jerusalem.

The IDF’s message is clear: Hamas’ attack has backfired, and the militants are now facing the consequences of their sins. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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