If Arsenal Should Defeat Manchester United At Old Trafford Then We Don’t Deserve The Title Anyway

If Arsenal Should Defeat Manchester United At Old Trafford Then We Don’t Deserve The Title Anyway...Continue The Full Reading.

Ferdinand says Arsenal don’t deserve the title if they don’t beat United. Mikel Arteta has been the only Arsenal manager to beat the Red Devils on their home turf since 2006 and with everything on the line later tonight, nothing but a win is acceptable.

It’s a big task for the Gunner’s, even in great form, Old Trafford has never been an easy place to visit, and Arteta and his squad will need to be at their best if they want to walk away with all three Ex Manchester United and England legend Rio Ferdinand has come out and made it very clear that if Arsenal were not able to beat United at Old Trafford, they didn’t deserve the title, saying this on his YouTube channel ‘Vibe With Five’ “

‘I think if Arsenal lose against Manchester United in this game they don’t deserve to be champions” You’re going to a team that’s depleted and lacking confidence, almost nothing to play for in the league now and these the teams you want to play against in the run-in” “If we were seven or eight games out from the end of the season you’re thinking just give me a team that have got nothing to play for and might have a few injuries as well and booking their holidays on the beach.”

“Man United for me are in that bracket, bar the cup final. All these other games in the league are just about personal pride now. Is there enough of that there?” “There’s a lot of question marks there at Manchester United that Arsenal players can’t be going into that game thinking ‘can we?’.

They should be thinking we can deal with these and carry on the path to win this league. That’s how Arsenal players should be thinking right now.” “My final thoughts on this, I think Arsenal are going to win every game until the end of the season.

Unfortunately for Arsenal, Pep Guardiola and Manchester City are going to win every game and win the league.” And you have to agree, Manchester United are clutching at straws this season and with Dutch Manager Erik Ten Hag looking like he’s falling quickly out of favour with the new INEOS ownership over Manchester United, Arsenal have no excuse not to win tonight and if we don’t, not only have we messed things up for ourselves but we hand the title to City. What’s your thoughts Gooners?...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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