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If We Want To Dominate Our Forest Against Bandits, We Need A Million Or More Boots On Ground-According to Temlong – AwardNobs



Brigadier General Jonathan Temlong, a retired Army officer, has emphasized that establishing control over large tracts of forest in the fight against bandits requires more than just putting a lot of soldiers on the field and using technology. He emphasized the significance of creating an architecture and infrastructure for national security that goes beyond the military.……CONTINUE READING>>>

He suggested bringing back the idea of forest guardians, something he remembered from the past. He claims that the forest guards frequently have firsthand knowledge of the forest’s topography, actively monitor activity there, and submit reports to the government on a regular basis.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”You see when you talk about the fact that we are losing our forest. If we want to dominate our forest against bandits, we need a million or more boots on ground. Including technology and the rest. And that is why when you are talking about building a national security in infrastructure and national security architecture, it’s not just about the military alone.

When we were growing up we had what we called forest guards, those forest guards are the once who should know everywhere in that forest. They are supposed to be observing certain movements in those forests and make reports to the government.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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