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If your iPhone is on this list you might want to consider selling it this month

It’s almost September and that means it’s nearly time for Apple to unleash its next generation of smartphones on the world. The US technology giant almost always reveals its latest and greatest devices in the autumn and 2023 shouldn’t be any different. In fact, many are predicting that the latest batch of iPhones will be unveiled at a global event on September 12 at the firm’s HQ in Cupertino which means there are only a few weeks left to wait until we find out what’s new.

Although the thought of shiny new gadgets is clearly exciting for Apple fans, the upcoming unveiling also comes with a warning and it’s not one to be ignored if you are thinking of buying an upgrade.

When any new devices go on sale, trade-in values for older models often take a dramatic plunge. That means those wanting the very best price for their current device should consider getting rid of it sooner rather than later.

New research from the team at Envoirphone, suggests that trade-in values for devices such as the current iPhone 14 Pro could drop by as much as £100 once Apple reveals the iPhone 15 – that’s a 16 percent drop.

Other call makers that look set to take a hit include the iPhone 13 Pro Max (£75 potential drop) and the iPhone 13 (£40 potential drop).

Devices that might suffer quite so badly according to Envirofone include the iPhone 14 (£22 potential drop) and the iPhone 12 mini (£21 potential drop).

Although these falls sound scary, it is worth remembering that Apple often offers some pretty decent deals for those happy to hand over their old devices in exchange for a new one so those prepared to take a risk may find they they don’t lose out too badly once the iPhone 15 goes on sale.

What will be new on the iPhone 15?

Although Apple is yet to officially announce what’s coming to the iPhone 15 rumours are rife that it will feature some decent upgrades including a new USB-C charging port. This will replace the current Lightning connector and could offer much faster charging speeds. Other extras could include a faster processor, longer battery life, a stronger titanium design and a screen with slimmer bezels.

Speaking about the upcoming trade-in values, Denise Timmis, Brand Manager at Envirofone said: “The latest iPhone announcement and launch in September is big news for tech fans. However, it’s also a time when older iPhone models lose value as newer models usually come with new features and designs, which makes older models less desirable for consumers.

“Our findings reveal that your iPhone could depreciate up to 16% within the first month of the iPhone 15 release. We recommend that if you’re thinking about trading in your older device ahead of the launch you should do this in August, a month before the release date.”

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