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“I’m A Big Fan Of Portable And I Wish To Be Like Him” – D’banj Reveals [Video] - UTWEETS

“I’m A Big Fan Of Portable And I Wish To Be Like Him” – D’banj Reveals [Video]

Nigerian artist, D’banj said that he’s “a big fan” of controversial singer Portable...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In an interview on BeatFM, D’banj revealed that he appreciates how Portable expresses his thoughts through his music.

D’banj said Portable reminds him of his early career days and wishes he could be like the controversial singer.

He recalled that whenever he got inspired at night, he would turn that inspiration into music by morning.

“But fast forward till today. ‘Are you my brotherhood…’. That is what is happening. What I saw is exactly how I am such a big fan of Portable.

“I wish I can be like Portable because he is doing the way I used to do. Anything that happens in the night, we call Don Jazzy and we are making it in the morning, them dem go dey tell us say make we wait for two to three weeks. Forget that.

“I think we are positioned in such a great place that if we identify it early enough, we can actually fulfil what we are meant to be. And I see that happening now.

“You know our own time no social media. So to see the likes of Portable doing some things. And the likes of just the new cats coming up onboard. That is why I tell people I am a new cat,” he said.

D’banj also announced that his upcoming album will be a follow-up to his 2008 hit ‘The Entertainer’.

He emphasized the importance of collaboration and said that being inspired by those he once inspired gives him a sense of fulfillment.

The musician likened his new album to a sequel, similar to movie sequels like John Wick.

He said, “Collaboration is key. I think the most fulfilment in life is the people that you inspired are now inspiring you. That gives you a sense of being alive.

“I think for these 20 years, having an album you are going to name ‘Entertainer’. Just like John Wick chapter one, chapter two, we are going to call it ‘The Entertainer: The Sequel’.
Watch the video below;

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