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‘I’m an auto expert – here’s an easy tip to get into a car when the key fob breaks’

A social media influencer has highlighted an easy way that drivers can get into their car if their key fob stops working...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The TikTok user @chequanxiaoqiao regularly posts short videos showing hacks that can help motorists get the most from their vehicles.

In her latest video, @chequanxiaoqiao told drivers how to find the physical key that is hidden away in the car’s fob which can be fitted into a keyhole hidden on many models.

She explained: “There is a small switch on the car key that hides the mechanical key. With a simple push the key can be removed.

“Then find this little hole under the doorknob, gently pry. You can see the lock cylinder of the car door. Insert the key into the lock and turn it.”

Whilst almost all cars on the roads today feature central locking, they must feature a more traditional way for owners to enter if the battery within the key fob stops working.

The method used in @chequanxiaoqiao’s video is common on many models, however some cars require owners to follow a slightly different technique.

Drivers are recommended to read their vehicle’s owners handbook to learn the exact method for physically unlocking their model.

However, if the vehicle has keyless entry, a broken key fob may prevent the car from starting in the usual way.

@chequanxiaoqiao explained how drivers can get around the immobiliser system when their key fob stops working.

She said: “There is a sensing area under the steering wheel. It’s this logo. Put the key close to this sensing area and start the engine.”

In the video, @chequanxiaoqiao placed the key to the sensing area, which featured an image of a key with three curved lines.

Whilst pressing the start button when the key is held here should start the engine, it is important that motorists quickly identify the problem with their fob.

In most cases, the battery will need to be replaced, which can be done by the owner or by a dealership for a low cost.

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