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‘I’m in my 40s and wrinkle-free thanks to my skincare routine which costs less than £30’

Skincare can help you feel refreshed and even look younger, but it can be incredibly expensive to keep topping up your beauty products if you are using them every day...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

However, one expert has claimed to have discovered a super affordable way to keep wrinkles at bay and has recommended an effective anti-ageing skincare routine for less than £30.

Jennifer Barton is a beauty writer who has tested hundreds of different products over the years and has claimed that Aldi’s cheap Lacura skincare range has left many people complimenting her youthful-looking skin.

In an interview with the Sun, Jennifer said: “People started complimenting my skin, telling me how fresh-faced and young I looked. I’ve just turned 41 and I have four kids, so I’ll take ‘fresh-faced’… but that’s not the only reason I’m still bulk-buying from Aldi’s beauty aisle.

“The products never disappoint – smart packaging, lovely textures, and an impressive ingredient list, not to mention the price, with most of these creams are under a fiver and will last months.”
Lacura Rose Cleansing Balm

Every good skincare routine needs a good cleanser to remove dirt and oil buildup from your skin, and Jennifer recommends the Lacura Rose Cleansing Balm for only £6.99.

This balm contains shea butter, cocoa butter, rosehip oil and rose flower oil to keep your face feeling refreshed and hydrated.

The website states is it a “lightweight formula is enriched with special oils to protect and moisturise your skin. It transforms from a solid balm into a silky smooth oily texture to remove make-up and dirt leaving your skin deeply cleansed.”
Lacura Wonder Oil

Wonder Oil softens the skin for only £2.99. Not only can it be used on your face, but it can be used on your body and hair as will help you smell amazing due to its blend of essential oils.
Lacura Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Multi Intensive Serum

The Lacura Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Multi-Intensive Serum has hyaluronic acid, which is a key anti-ageing ingredient as it helps the skin get rid of uneven skin and wrinkles.

The Aldi website says it “helps smooth skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines” and only costs £2.99.
Lacura Caviar Illumination Day and Night Creams

Both the Cavier Day and Night creams cost £7.99.

The product is described as being a “luxury anti-ageing formula for radiant and luminous skin” and contains extract of caviar and snow algae to keep skin looking dewy and glowing.

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