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I’m Not Sure It’s The Right To Ban Prostitution, Anything That Yields Money Should Be Allowed -According to Kila



Professor Anthony Kila, the director of the Commonwealth Institute of Advanced and Professional Studies, has responded to the possibility that NAFDAC could forbid some alcoholic beverages from being sold in Nigeria. He opposed the outlawing of certain economic endeavors, stating that anything that brings in money should be permitted and that it is not the right moment to outlaw any profitable endeavors, such as prostitution.……CONTINUE READING>>>

He emphasized the need to put economic issues ahead of moral or health ones, citing bad roads, malnutrition, hunger, and lack of light as threats to people’s health and wellbeing. He called on the government and regulatory agencies such as NAFDAC to acknowledge that timing is more important than correctness.

According to him, now is not the appropriate moment to enforce bans on economic activities, considering the broader impact on livelihoods.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”I think in terms of where we are, we need to have a holistic approach about what we are dealing with in the country. And I think this is the wrong time to ban any kind of economic activity. I’m not even sure it’s the right time to ban prostitution, anything that yields money should be allowed to flow. I think we should tell ourselves that there is no point trying to be moral or saving some health issues that can lead to death and unemployment.

Hunger and starvation is also bad for our health. What has W.H.O. said about that? Lack of light is bad for our health, what is the directive they have given us? Bad roads is and for our health, and it has killed people. NAFDAC and the rest of the government should know that it is not enough to be right. Timing is also very important. This is not the time to ban any economic activity.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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