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Iran ‘trying to regain deterrence’: Analyst

Iran ‘trying to regain deterrence’: Analyst...Continue The Full Reading.

Qatar University’s Hassan Barari has told Al Jazeera that Iran’s attack on Israel “is an escalation” but is also “calculated” and “measured”.

Barari said Iran’s mission to the UN’s statement that the attack “concludes” the matter of Israel’s attack on Iran’s Damascus Embassy shows Iran “doesn’t want any further retaliation”.

“What the Iranians are trying to do is to come up with a measured, calculated attack in order to regain deterrence and not to be seen as weak in front of their own proxies,” Barari said.

On how Iran’s attack may affect Israel’s war on Gaza, Barari said that “it all depends on how the Israelis read the situation”.

“I know some right-wing politicians in the government will see this as an opportunity because the world’s attention has shifted onto Iran-Israel and then they can do something probably horrendous in Gaza.”

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