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Israel Nation Accuses China Of Supplying Sophisticated Weapons To Hamas, China Reacted




China has refuted claims that it has supplied weaponry to Hamas, the terrorist organization in charge of Gaza, after reports appeared in Israeli media that certain rockets and missiles manufactured in China had been used in the most recent fighting.

A spokesman for the Chinese Defense Ministry stated at a press briefing on Thursday that China has only given Gaza humanitarian aid—food, medical attention, and other first aid—since the fighting between Israel and Palestine began.

“China has never sent any weapons to Gaza,” the spokesperson said, adding that China was “deeply concerned” about the situation in the region and urged all parties to cease fire and resume dialogue.

According to NBC News, the spokesperson also defended China’s weapons export policy, saying that Beijing had always followed three principles: enhancing the legitimate self-defense capability of the recipient country, not undermining the peace, security and stability of the region, and not meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.

Senior Col. Wu Qian, a military expert, said that China was a responsible member of the international community and had always abided by the relevant international laws and regulations on arms trade.

“China does not export weapons to countries or regions that are under UN sanctions, embargoes or restrictions,” he said, stressing that China’s weapons exports were “prudent and responsible”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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