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‘It Was A Mistake He Made To Have Agreed To Marry Hagar, An Egyptian Slave’ – According to Mike Bamiloye




Popular Nigerian filmmaker Mike Bamiloye recently acknowledged on Facebook that he had misinterpreted the Bible. Bamiloye spoke specifically on the account of Abraham and Hagar’s marriage, which eventually led to the birth of Ishmael. The director apologized for letting Hagar become his second wife and for letting her become pregnant.

Bamiloye referred to this decision as an “error” due to the fact that God had previously spoken to Abraham, promising him a child and even forging a covenant with him.

According to him, “It was a Mistake he made. A very grievous mistake to have agreed to accept to marry Hagar and made her conceive and have a son. It was an error! After God had spoken severally to Abraham and given him promises and made a covenant with him to give him a child.

“It was an error! An error to despise those covenant and go and make an Egyptian slave conceive. She gave birth to Ishmael.

“God christened the baby and gave him the name Ishmael! God blessed the error! Ah! Then Sarah became angry at her and sent her packing out of the house to move away from her husband. God sent his angel to go and send her back to her mistress. Ah! What happened again? God should have allowed her to go away. When the baby was dying in the wilderness, God should allowed him to die away with all his future problems.”

Bamiloye’s post serves as a reminder that even those who are deeply religious can make errors, but that humility and a willingness to learn can lead to growth and spiritual enlightenment. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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