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‘I’ve been a dog trainer for 20 years and would never own these three popular pet breeds’

A professional dog trainer has explained why he would never own certain breeds due to their size, smell or temperament being like a “demon from the underworld”.

Garrett Wing describes himself as the “number one dog trainer on the interwebs” and gives out pet advice on his TikTok account @americanstandardk9, which has over three million followers. Mr Garrett has been a professional dog trainer for over 20 years and has also worked as a K9 trainer for the police.

In a recent video that has exploded in popularity with over 20 million views, Mr Garrett spoke out about three dog breeds he would “never personally own” due to his experience with them.

The first dog Mr Garett said he would never have as a pet is the Central Asian Shepard, also known as the Alabai dog. He explained that is it because of how big the breed is.

The dog trainer said: “The males can get over 170 plus pounds and they are great livestock guardians, the problem is, I don’t have any livestock.”

Another dog breed Mr Garrett said he would never own are bloodhounds, as he said they can have an unbearable stench.

He explained: “The males can get up to 110 pounds but it’s not the size that concerns me, it’s their oily skin. That oily skin makes them stink like no other dog. I don’t care how many baths you give them, they just have a smell about them that’s hard to get rid of.”

However, the last dog the pet afficionado said he could never own is the chihuahua, as despite it’s size it can have a frightening temperament.

Mr Garrett joked: “If I needed a three-pound demon from the underworld that served no other purpose than to sit on my lap and bite anything that comes within three-feet range of me, then I would get a chihuahua, hard pass from me.”

In the comment section, some chihuahua owners were shocked by Mr Garrett’s reluctance to ever own one as a pet.

One offended user said: “As a trainer, you should know any chihuahua who is trained and respected like any other dog doesn’t behave that way.”

Another owner wrote: “Chihuahuas are actually very smart, their aggressive behaviour actually comes from people treating them like a toy instead of a dog.”

Someone else commented “My chihuahua is an angel, it’s all about early training, don’t be discouraged! mine is super friendly towards strangers and all it wants is cuddles”.

However, some other commentators agreed with Garett’s choices, as one person said: “I would never get a chihuahua even if it depends on my life.”

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