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‘I’ve been a mechanic for 55 years – there are three gas-guzzling cars I would never buy’

A car mechanic has issued a warning to fellow drivers about three off-roaders which may look trendy but will quickly depreciate, as revealed in a YouTube video...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The message goes out to drivers looking to invest in an off-roader, which frequently comes at a high price and requires premium fuel to run smoothly.

Scotty Kilmer, a mechanic of 55 years, explained which three vehicles may prove a waste of money on a YouTube channel, dedicated to the education of “new car stuff”.

His platform has quickly become one of the most-watched car networks in the US, garnering interest from millions of drivers who need advice on repairs and purchases relating to vehicles.

Starting with the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer, Kilmer explained the SUV is the latest of several versions of the car to be released in the past 60 years.

“They’re marketed as wide roomy off-roaders, but today I’ll tell you the truth about why they’re gas guzzlers,” the expert explained.

“Despite its good looks, there are key downsides that many people don’t talk about,” explained Kilmer, adding: “Take pricing for example, don’t get me started on how overpriced this full-size SUV is.”

Petrol use is another factor to consider, as one test showed that the 2023 Wagoneer received a ranking of one out of five for fuel economy.

The 2022 Chevy Tahoe was next on Kilmer’s list, which comes with a suite of six advanced safety and driver assistance features.

“Admittedly the Tahoe offers a light and smooth ride, but the thing is, to get that premium driving feeling, the Tahoe needs premium fuel,” he explained. “Without it, the ride doesn’t feel the same.

“It’s going to guzzle a lot of expensive, premium gas. If you’re serious about off-roading I’ll tell you right off the bat, it’s not as good off-roading as some of its competitors.”

Last is the 2023 Toyota Sequoia, which is exclusively available as a hybrid.

“Since it’s a hybrid, you’ll get far better fuel efficiency with the Sequoia than you would with the Jeep Wagoneer or Chevy Tahoe,” admitted Kilmer.

“The Sequoia is a solid vehicle but the thing is it feels cheap, that’s why I can’t say the price is justified.”

There is also less space than in the two aforementioned vehicles because of the car’s hybrid battery pack, which sits below the second-row seat.

“I know this isn’t the end of the world but for a vehicle that reaches up $80,000 (£64,500) range, you’d expect much less of a hassle.”

For drivers hoping to avoid mammoth prices with heir next off-roader, Kilmer explained that they may be better off getting a mini-van than a full-size SUV.

Not only do these vehicles have higher safety ratings, but this will automatically translate to lower car insurance premiums.

“If you later need repair, then parts and supplies are typically easier to procure, and cheaper,” added Kilmer.

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