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Jimoh Ibrahim “I used my money to fund my strategy to win senatorial election & I wasn’t taken to any court”




Senator Jimoh Ibrahim, the lawmaker representing the Ondo South Senatorial District, has asserted that he is the most qualified contender to win the next Ondo State gubernatorial election.

Senator Jimoh Ibrahim reportedly stated this at a press conference in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, according to The Nation. Senator Ibrahim expressed hope that he will win both the main governorship race and the All Progressives Congress primaries with his “Aseyori, breakthrough” plan.

While he was talking, he said, “Oke is my brother and I don’t run any aspirant or candidate down. I only face the programmes that I want to do. So I have already completed my research programme in Cambridge on how to win election. I used my money to fund my strategy to win the senatorial election and I wasn’t taken to any court.”

Further talking, he said that after the primaries, there will be a booklet on what he would do in the first six months, one year and so on. Jimoh Ibrahim alleged that it is not necessary that he needs to go, and meet NEPA before the Ondo State people can have electricity.

He said, “At the Cambridge where I studied for six years, we generated our electricity by wind and solar, so we have solar farms there and others. There are so many ways to get electricity. We might decide to map the state entirely in order to have electricity.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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