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Junior Pope’s family reportedly go spiritual over his death, drop charm in his house to find killers (VIDEO)

Junior Pope’s family reportedly go spiritual over his death, drop charm in his house to find killers (VIDEO)...Continue The Full Reading.

A fresh twist has surfaced regarding the passing of Nollywood actor Junior Pope Obumneme.

Reports indicate that the family of the late movie star in Nsukka has opted for spiritual intervention in response to his death, actively seeking to uncover his assailants.

A video depicting a protective charm placed at Jnr Pope’s village residence circulated widely, sparking intense reactions from netizens across various social media platforms.

The tragic demise of Nollywood actor John Paul Obumneme Odonwodo, famously known as Jnr Pope, has entered a new phase propelled by his family in Nsukka.

Sources reveal that the bereaved family of the late movie icon has chosen a spiritual path to unveil the perpetrators behind his untimely passing.

On April 10, 2024, tragedy struck as Jnr Pope and four companions lost their lives in a harrowing boat capsizing incident while returning from Adanma Luke’s movie shoot location.

Speculations swirled around the deaths, particularly that of Jnr Pope, suggesting foul play and a deliberate targeting, which deeply unsettled his mother, fueling her belief that he may have been intentionally killed.

However, a new TikTok video posted by Akusinachi alleged that a charm called ‘Isi Atu’ was placed at the late Jnr Pope’s village home, with the implication that it would expose anyone involved in his death.

In the clip, it was reteirated that Jnr Pope’s family in Nsukka was actively pursuing answers and not willing to overlook the circumstances surrounding the actor’s demise.

In his words:

“This thing wey una dey see for this video, for the Igbo language dem dey call am ‘Isi Atu’ that is to tell you say if your hand dey for the death of Jnr Pope, their people no go gree, we be Nsukka people, anybody wey hin hand dey there, if you follow plan make him die, we no go gree, him people no go gree. This place na him place for village, Nsukka people no go gree, we no go gree.”...CONTINUE The Full Reading.>’.


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