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JVN: Jonathan Van Ness tackles all your hair dilemmas

From taming frizz to boosting shine, whatever your hair dilemma, JVN has got you covered. Here, exclusively for us, he shares how to have your best hair day ever...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶


Dry hair, damage and changes in weather are common causes of frizzy hair. When hair is dry, it seeks out moisture from the environment, which can become more pronounced in humidity. Along with the disruption in your cuticle layer that heat styling, chemical treatments and brushing or sleeping on a cotton pillow case causes, this can result in a rougher than desired texture.


Wash hair in water that isn’t too hot, sleep on a silk pillowcase and always use heat protection when styling. Making sure your hair is adequately moisturised is a must too.


Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Intensive Oil Rescue Mask, £6.99, contains a blend of oils to inject hydration back into the hair shaft.

DILEMMA: Itchy scalp

The most common non-medical reasons tend to be the types of products used, how you’re using them and over-washing. Using a shampoo with harsh cleansing agents in them – some types of sulphates for example – and then rinsing in scalding water can disrupt your scalp’s natural balance and make it feel dry, itchy and irritated.


Always rule out a medical cause for any scalp issues with a visit to a dermatologist. Then choose sulphate and paraben-free products to minimise risk of irritation, and always wash in warm water – never super hot.


JVN Hair Nurture Hydrating Shampoo, £18, is a nourishing formula free from silicones and sulphates.


Infrequent washing can see excess sebum begin to build up, which makes hair appear greasy or oily. But washing too often can mean scalp sebaceous glands overcompensate for the loss of those natural oils by going into overdrive.


Wash no more than two to three times per week, using a gentle shampoo. A clarifying scalp treatment once a week can help keep things balanced.Adding a pre-shampoo treatment, oiling the scalp and hair, will calm down oil production by soothing the scalp too.


Typology Purifying Scalp Extract, £31.50, combines zinc and nettle to calm inflammation, reduce oil and tackle dandruff.

DILEMMA: Dullness

Dyed hair can fade and begin to look dull due to dye quality, frequency of use and your maintenance routine. Colouring your hair lifts the cuticle, which can be done more or less aggressively depending on the formulation of the hair colour you’re using. Colouring hair from root to ends every three or four weeks opens the cuticle over and over again, making it progressively harder to keep the pigment in place and reducing the hair’s ability to hang onto moisture.


Over-the-counter permanent hair colour tends to be quite harsh in terms of formulation. Choose a semi-permanent colour or, ideally, see a professional for your colour needs. After that, you want to keep your hair out of the sun (UV rays fade colour pigment), lower the water temperature when washing and choose a shampoo and conditioner combo that is colour-safe, moisturising and strengthening to keep your treated hair healthy.


Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, £28, is a one-stop-shop for dyed hair, rebuilding broken bonds, nourishing and protecting.

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