Kenya: Anger and frustration as floods continue to wreak havoc

Kenya: Anger and frustration as floods continue to wreak havoc...Continue The Full Reading.

As heavy rains persist in Kenya, the nation grapples with the catastrophic consequences of flooding triggered by the incessant downpours wreaking havoc on livelihoods.

In the wake of weeks of relentless rainfall, many individuals find themselves unable to conduct business as their premises have been submerged under water.

In Kiambu, Charles Otieno, owner of a car repair shop, wades through pools of water to attend to customers in a determined effort to provide for his family of two.

Nearby, Nancy Nafula, a mother of three, grapples with the harsh reality of being rendered homeless by the floods.

The inundation has not only disrupted her ability to work but has also left her anxious about the future.

The government last week told those living near rivers, dams, and other flood-prone areas to vacate amid heavy rains that have left 238 people dead in recent weeks.

“We are stranded. I have a garage since the rain started, it is now three weeks. My vehicles are here. They are stuck, I have nothing to eat.” Charles Otieno, Garage Owner said.
Over 200 thousand people are affected with over 40 thousand households displaced according to figures from the interior ministry.

The government says more than 1,000 schools were affected by the heavy rains and flooding and set aside funds for renovations.

Friday, (May 10) has been declared a public holiday to mourn the 238 people who have died due to ongoing flooding.
President William Ruto on Wednesday said the day will be observed by national tree planting activities to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Kenya Meteorological Department has issued warnings, saying the rains will persist until the end of May.

The east African nation along with its neighbours, has been overwhelmed by floods.…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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