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King Charles angrily responded with a short six-word message to intoxicated journalists accompanying him on a trip.

King Charles angrily responded with a short six-word message to intoxicated journalists accompanying him on a trip....Continue The Full Reading.

When members of the royal family go on tours, members of the press go with them.

The journalists are there to cover the tour by reporting on the engagements being carried out and other work being done as well as making sure they get plenty of photos showcasing the purpose of the trip. But after a long day of work and travel, some reporters try to unwind and enjoy themselves while abroad.

But as a royal correspondent recalled, there was one boozy night when some had a little too much fun while on tour with King Charles and their antics got the monarch pretty angry when they disrupted his routine. Here’s more on that, plus how the late Queen Elizabeth II handled things when her staffers got drunk while partying at Buckingham Palace.

King Charles’ 6 words for royal reporters who were drunk and loud
King Charles III at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Jennie Bond, who has been working on the royal beat for more than three decades, talked about what happened when she covered then-Prince Charles’ trip to Fraser Island off the coast of Brisbane, Australia one year.

Bond gave the OK! magazine the details revealing: “When you’re traveling with the royals and when you’re traveling with other reporters, there are a lot of laughs along the way. One moment I remember was when we were flown to Fraser Island after a very busy tour of Australia with Charles.

“We all stayed in the same hotel and we journalists all did very loud karaoke in the bar. Charles had said he was going to come down, but he didn’t in the end. I have to confess that we reporters then sat in a hot tub outside under the stars surrounded by wine bottles having a lovely time.”

But their “lovely time” was filled with a lot of noise as the future king tried to sleep. And as Bond explained, even though he never joined them that evening, Charles heard them.

“The next morning when Charles came down he said, ‘Was that you lot making all that bloody awful noise?” He then fired off six words telling everyone: “You kept me awake all night!’”

What Queen Elizabeth did when royal employees got drunk around her Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II during a reception at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth once had to deal with noisy, drunk people as well but it wasn’t on a royal tour; it was in her home.

The late queen had almost 200 staffers who worked in the royal household at Buckingham Palace. The massive residence has a post office on site, a doctor’s surgery, an ATM machine, and at one time it had a saloon for the Palace employees. But according to Queen Elizabeth’s former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, when those employees couldn’t handle their liquor and got too loud their boss made the decision to close the bar down.

In the documentary Secrets of the Royal Palaces, Arbiter explained the staffers got “too worse for wear” and unlike her son, the queen wasn’t going to lose sleep so she “had to get rid” of it....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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