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Korean Hacks To Achieve Smooth And Lustrous Hair

All of us want to achieve healthy, smooth and lustrous hair and for that, we use numerous hair care products and home remedies. The first step to achieve smooth and lustrous hair is to maintain a healthy scalp. Keeping the scalp healthy and clean is a quintessential habit to include in your regimen. When our scalp is dirty, it elevates the risk of bacterial infections, dandruff, hair fall, infections, itching, inflammation and other hair care woes. Here are some Korean hacks that you can try for healthy and silky tresses.

Korean Hacks For Smooth Hair

Ginseng Treatments

Ginseng treatments are extremely effective for hair health as they promote blood circulation and stimulate regrowth. They also repair damaged hair and nourish the scalp.

Rice Water

Rice water is a popular Korean hack used for both healthy skin and hair. Rinsing your water with rice water once a week helps to nourish them and add moisture to them. It also promotes elasticity, tames frizz and protects the hair from damage.

Avoid Hot Water

Koreans avoid washing their hair with excessive hot water. Washing your hair with hot water strips away its nutrients and moisture and leaves the hair dry and frizzy.

Natural Oils

Natural oils help in preventing hair breakage and split ends. Using natural oils promotes hair growth and thickness by reducing stress and promoting relaxation. They also reduce dandruff and prevent itchy scalp.

Scalp Massages

Scalp massages promote hair growth by enhancing blood circulation, and reducing muscle tension, and stress. They increase hair thickness by stretching the cells of your hair follicles.

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