Lady flirtatiously gives policeman her particulars, his reaction trends

A policeman’s reaction trends as he loses composure after a lady filmed herself flirtatiously giving him her car particulars...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The lady shared what transpired when she was stopped at a checkpoint where she was confronted by an officer.

When she was asked to hand over her vehicle particulars, she decided to give it in a suggestive way.

In the clip that she made, she was seen putting the card in her mouth, then playfully handing it to him.

The man looked quite undecided about what to do next as he continued to stare her with indecisive eyes.

Read some comments below:

deco_de_el_nino_armando said: “The police man be like-abi make i arrest this ogbanje?”

seun_dreams said: “Rumours has it that the said constable is still unstable”

cima_nation_said::”Commenting from Yul Edochie’s church service”

jehovasbaby said: “This is not Nigeria and not a Nigerian police man.. A Nigerian lady won’t ever do that. They are taught differently and a Real Nigerian police can never react like that to any woman.”

samuelayoka20 said::”THE POLICE MAN DON FALL FINISH”

chomzyfashion said: “He mind Dey reason many many things”

nene_george said: “He was indeed gobsmacked, overwhelmed and flabbergasted by her beauriiii*xf

ms_Mr said: “officr dsnt know if to arrest her or to throw it all away.”

ijekuje_imukumu said: “Oga don lost in thoughts his sexual organs don dey rise”.Watch the video below:…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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