Lady held by late Andrew for 6 days recounts her experience, how she escaped

A Nigerian lady, Rachel who was held by the late Andrew in his house for 6 days has recounted her experience and how she escaped...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

It would be recalled that a Nigerian man known as Andrew Amaechi was shot dead while trying to flee arrest after being tied to the disappearance of two ladies.

It was gathered that the two ladies had traveled from Port Harcourt to Aba to meet Andrew at his home.

A Nigerian lady, Rachel spoke in a recent chat with some media personalities and a certain Mr Ben who knew Andrew.

Rachel revealed that the late Andrew had held her for 6 days in his home and had refused to let her leave.

She revealed that during all the time she was there, there was a particular person he was communicating with and sending videos to.

According to her, Andrew had threatened to k.l.l her and harvest her organs, showing her sharp knives as well as leather bags he was going to use.

She recounted how she had gone through a gut-wrenching ordeal at his hands, after he had his way with her.

Check out reactions below …

@olusola2bello remarked: “This Mr Ben keeps running away from answering her questions. She keeps hinting that he knew what his friend was up to….and he keeps using style to say other things and shifting the blame.”

@IkeokwuChidozie penned: “Andrew and Ben… I don’t know what to say!”

@G2KCE opined: “The gal went for hookup .

She also lied by saying she was invited for bday.

That’s blatant lie and look at the picture used for dp, it’s obviously she’s still in the game.

I understand what Ben was trying to say bc we don’t have a system here in Nigeria, however speak up too”

@emekaSundayAgwu stated: “The girl knows what she went for, but luckily escaped, the guy in Blue MR BEN according to body language is a real suspect. Police over to you.”…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

Watch her speak below …

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