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Lagos Indigenes Oppose Bill for Regional Government, Want out of Western Region

The De Renaissance Patriots Foundation, representing the indigenes of Lagos State, has declared a firm opposition to a proposed Bill that seeks to revert Nigeria to a regional system of government...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

This announcement comes amidst discussions that the National Assembly may soon consider the Bill, which aims to reintegrate Lagos into the Western Region.

In a statement issued by the foundation’s media office, spokesperson Adelani Adeniji-Adele expressed grave concerns over the potential implications of the Bill.

He emphasized that Lagos has historically preferred a standalone status, independent of any Western Region or Province.

“This Bill spells an ominous sign for us in Lagos State,” Adeniji-Adele stated. “It is an attempt to subsume our aspirations into a larger group that contradicts what we believe in as indigenes of this state.

There were no vast consultations on this matter to determine if merging into another subgroup is something we desire. Such assumptions cannot be made without our consent.”

Adeniji-Adele highlighted that since Lagos and its environs became a colony, the state’s people have always advocated for an independent status.

He recounted the adverse effects of previous attempts to merge Lagos with the Western Region, describing them as historical aberrations that stunted progress and development.

“Our various indigenous groups have consistently experienced marginalization from our neighbors in the South West,” he noted.

“They often see our state as ‘spoils of war’ rather than a partner in progress. For over 100 years, Lagos indigenes have made the most progress independently, not as part of any region.”

The foundation’s statement underscores a demand for a referendum to accurately capture the will of Lagos State’s people regarding the proposed Bill.

Adeniji-Adele called on representatives in the National Assembly to engage in thorough consultations with elder statesmen and stakeholders before making any decisions.

“We, the indigenes of Lagos State, do not wish to be part of the regional state as proposed in this Bill. Our leaders and traditional rulers opposed it in 1953, and we gained respite in 1967. We, the offspring of our heroes past, will not accept it now.”

The De Renaissance Patriots Foundation urges that this issue transcends party lines and state government affairs.

“Lagos State cannot be diminished through the South West Region proposal embedded in this Bill. We must safeguard our autonomy and ensure our future is determined by our people,” Adeniji-Adele concluded.

This strong opposition highlights the ongoing struggle of Lagos indigenes to maintain their independent identity and resist any attempts to integrate them into broader regional frameworks that do not reflect their aspirations.

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