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Lavender plants will ‘improve’ if grown beside six plants that are ‘excellent candidates’

Various different herbs, flowers, and vegetables are excellent companion plants for lavender in gardens.

No worries if gardeners are unsure what to plant with lavender in a container or in the ground. Gardening experts at PlantIn have shared a few suggestions.

They claimed that lavender companion plants can help “improve your favourite summer shrub’s health” directly and indirectly.

For instance, it can provide shade in the primary weeks of planting, keep the soil damp, or simply level up the garden style.
Best lavender companion plants

1. Oregano

Gardeners shouldn’t say no to oregano as it makes a “perfect pair” for lavender.

Aside from having the perfect spice for the kitchen, oregano magnets pollinators and other beneficial insects, which “keeps a garden healthy”.

They are also relatively uncomplicated plants to care for and will make a perfect border plant to surround a lavender patch.

2. Pole beans

Pole beans have a symbiotic friendship with a bacterium that enriches the soil with nitrogen.

The experts said: “It could help your lavender establish better during the early growing stage and simultaneously keep your vegetable pest-free.”

3. Roses

These beautiful thorny flowering bushes are complementary to lavenders. When planted together, the scents of lavender and rose “perfume the air”.

The experts said: “It is such a spectacular sight to see the blend of multi-layered florets of rose with the bluish tinge of lavender.”

4. African daisy

With its “magnificent blooms”, the African daisy is one of the “excellent candidates” to be lavender’s companion.

As it blooms continuously from spring to autumn, it will be a wonderful plant to pair with lavender after it finishes flowering.

Plus, lavender and African daisies share the “exact growing requirements”: sunny and minimal watering.

5. Geranium

Geraniums also make a good pair with lavenders. With its stunning multi-spectral flowers, gardeners “can’t go wrong” with geranium.

Plant it next to a lavender patch to fill the gaps and hide the empty space. Like lavender, it also likes to be under full sunshine and about weekly watering.

6. Basil

Basil is already a popular kitchen windowsill plant for their irresistibly aromatic herbs. But what’s interesting is that it can “jive well when grown with lavender”.

The gardening pros said: “As both plants emit an explosive fragrance, aphids, whiteflies, and other bugs would not even dare to hover around your garden.”

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