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Let every state governor beg Nyesom Wike, he won’t forgive you– According to Primate Ayodele tells Gov Fubara



Primate Elijah Ayodele, the head of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has cautioned about the political unrest in Rivers State that is becoming more and more serious, especially the animosity between current governor Sim Fubara and former governor Nyesom Wike. As per the Nigerian Tribune article, Ayodele stated that Wike is unwavering in his resolve to sabotage Fubara till he is removed from office.……CONTINUE READING>>>

In his statement, Ayodele advised Governor Fubara to take immediate action and cautioned against relying on mediation efforts, which he deemed deceptive. The spiritual leader emphasized Wike’s intent to utilize the House of Assembly to impede Fubara’s governance. Drawing parallels to the Israel-Gaza conflict, Ayodele likened Wike’s persistence to that of the Israelites, highlighting his unwavering determination to remove Fubara from the political arena. He stressed that Wike’s influence extended deep into political structures and urged Fubara to navigate the intricate alliances with care. The spiritual leader stressed the importance of immediate action by Fubara to avoid potential disgrace and challenges to his tenure.

Governor Fubara was specifically advised that, should the ongoing political struggle persist, he might not fully enjoy the benefits of his government. Ayodele expressed the view that only divine intervention could prevent Wike from continuing to fight against Fubara, cautioning that traditional mediation efforts might prove deceptive. The spiritual leader urged Fubara to take proactive measures to avoid potential political setbacks.

He said, “Governor Sim Fubara, If you don’t retrace your steps, if this fight continues the way it is going, you will not be able to enjoy this government. It is only God that can stop Wike from fighting you, let every state governor beg him, he won’t forgive you. All mediation will be deceptive; they will use the house to frustrate you. You need to do something so that you won’t be disgraced out of office.’’ CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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