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Madam, Sit In Your Office And Work For Nigerians, You Are Always In The Bank Of Industry – According to Adams Oshiomole To Minister Doris Uzoka




The Minister of Trade, Industry, and Investments, Doris Uzoka, has come under fire from Senator Adams Oshiomole for proposing a budget item in 2024 of one billion naira for a trip to Geneva, Switzerland.

Oshiomole claimed that despite his two visits to Uzoka’s office, he never saw her there because she is constantly at the Bank of Industry.

According to the report by Punch, Oshiomole urged Uzoka to sit down in one place and work for Nigerians, and that if she preferred being in the Bank of Industry, then she should have turned down the ministerial appointment.

He said, “I see that you intend to travel to Geneva next year and you have budgeted over 1 billion naira for that.

“We can’t keep going on with over-bloated terms of foreign trips. Use the experts we have in your offices in the country to save costs.

“Madam sit in your office and work for Nigerians. I have gone there twice. You are always in the Bank of Industry. If you preferred BoI, you should have declined the President’s nomination to be a minister.”

When she appeared before the Senate Committee on Trade to defend the budget, Uzoka disclosed that 905 million naira has been set aside for overhead costs, while 8.1 billion has been put aside for capital expenditures.

In her response to Oshiomole’s statement, Uzoka said that she can work from anywhere and deliver results for Nigerians, but that her office is currently under renovation.

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