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Make strawberries last for ‘10 days’ with three easy storage solutions to prevent ‘mould’

Strawberries are delicious to eat during the summer months, but can quickly spoil if not eaten within a few days, causing lots to go to waste...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Richard Price at Britsuperstore said: “Strawberries spoil quickly when not stored correctly due to various factors including moisture.

“High water content makes strawberries susceptible to mould growth and decay if excess moisture is present. Their delicate structure makes them prone to bruising and damage, which can lead to faster spoilage too.”

Other factors which may cause them to rot quickly include a lack of airflow as well as microbial growth.

Luckily, there are ways Britons can ensure they last up to “10 days”, including properly handling them as well as keeping them in the correct container.

1. Container choice

The expert explained: “You must ensure proper air circulation to prevent mould growth. Store strawberries in containers with ventilation holes or leave the lid slightly ajar to allow moisture to escape and fresh air to circulate.”

According to Richard, airtight containers can trap moisture, “accelerating spoilage”, and is often a mistake many people make.

Another mistake is leaving them in the container they came in, which is often not suitable for longer-term storage.

If you do store strawberries in a container, make sure not to have the lid off too much as this will not keep the strawberries at a consistent temperature.

2. Temperature

Richard continued: “Strawberries are sensitive to temperature changes. Store them in the fridge at around 0C to 2C.

“Keeping strawberries at a low temperature slows down the growth of bacteria and moulds that cause spoilage.” If you aren’t sure what temperature your fridge is set to, invest in a thermometer.

3. Moisture control

While it may seem convenient to wash strawberries as soon as you have purchased them, this is far from ideal, according to the pro.

This is because strawberries have a high water content, and excess moisture may lead to mould growing on the fruit quickly.

The expert noted: “To prevent moisture build-up, do not wash the strawberries until you are ready to consume them. Place them in a paper towel-lined container to absorb excess moisture.”

Sarah Bridenstine, professional baker and chef, also recommended using the paper towel “technique”.

The expert explained: “A classic in my grandmother’s kitchen was the paper towel technique. Place strawberries on a paper towel inside a container, and you’ll find that the excess moisture gets soaked up, starving off spoilage.

“If you’re in a hurry and tempted to pre-cut strawberries, be aware that convenience comes at a cost, they won’t last as long, usually around three to four days in the fridge.”

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