Man acquires brand new laptops for all his 6 children

In today’s digital age, a father has taken a step towards preparing his children for success as he equips all 6 of them with their own laptops...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

With the internet revolutionising every aspect of life, a man has tried to leverage on this.

He purchased 6 laptops for his 6 children to equip them with necessary IT skills.

In the video that was shared, each of the children were seen carrying their laptops and showing them off.

Check out reactions that followed …

prince_izuu said: “Teach them tech skills on time, they v can play with JavaScript, play with python, make it interesting for them, teach them UI/UX.. tell them they can build their own softwares/solutions, let it be like a competition in ur home. Do this then you have empowered these kids for life”

rosythrone said: “Normally this is supposed to be a normal lifestyle for kids for learning purposes. It’s not a big deal if you can afford it”

certifiedmichael commented: “Daddy Don Carry HK Boys Laptop Come House Has Dem No agree Cashout”

martez2009 said: “ram and 64 memory, u can get it 4, for 80k to 100k”

usendollar said: “That’s my dad guys, He’s in to tech oY and forest , so whenever we’re going up to make sure that we are perfect at it. We started learning from a very tender age I am making 2 million every week from tech And my dad make nothing less than 500 million every month then my little sisters that you are seeing here that earning 100k every month”…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

Watch video below …

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