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Man discovers his wife is a man 12 days after wedding

AK, a 26-year-old man, was left in shock and disbelief when he discovered that his newlywed wife, Adinda Kanza, was actually a man. The revelation came twelve days after their wedding ceremony...ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.

Their story began on Instagram in 2023, where AK first encountered Adinda Kanza, also 26. They chatted online for some time before deciding to date and eventually get married.

Despite meeting in person, AK believed in Adinda’s devout commitment to Islam due to her continuous wearing of a traditional Muslim niqab that covered her entire face.

Their wedding was a modest ceremony held at AK’s residence, where they exchanged vows. Adinda disclosed that she was estranged from her family.

However, suspicions started to arise in AK’s mind shortly after their wedding. Adinda repeatedly refused his advances, using menstruation or illness as reasons to avoid intimacy. She also refused to interact with AK’s family and continued wearing her niqab even at home.

It was only when AK decided to investigate Adinda’s past that he discovered the shocking truth. He tracked down her supposed former address and found Adinda’s parents alive and well. They revealed that their child, named ESH, had been crossdressing since 2020.

The police investigation confirmed that Adinda, despite being biologically male, convincingly behaved like a woman and had a female-sounding voice.

“If you look at their wedding photos, Adinda looks exactly like a real woman.

“He also has a gentle voice and tone, so there was no suspicion at all about him being a woman.”

Adinda was arrested after it was discovered that he married AK to take advantage of their family’s assets. ESH could go to jail for up to four years for fraud....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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