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Man uses N1.2M father gave him to pay his school fees to play bet, outcome stuns many

Man uses N1.2M father gave him to pay his school fees to play bet, outcome stuns many...Continue The Full Reading.

Man uses the N1.2M his father gave him to clear off his outstanding school fees, only for him to use it to play a virtual bet.

The incident was recounted online by the man’s junior brother who shared evidence to back his claim.
man N1.2M bet father school fees

According to the man known online as @surma_santavious, his father gave his senior brother N1.2M to clear off his school fees and other stuffs, but the senior brother never used it for that.

Instead, he used it to play a bet and lost everything, then came to his DM to break the news to him.

He wrote …

My dad sent 1.2m for my senior bro to clear his school fees and stuffs
He just messaged me now showing me lost ticket of 1.2m.
I don’t even know what to reply him ”
Reactions as man uses N1.2M father gave him to play a bet…

@mercy_collect said: “If he has access to your father’s land documents he should sell one land an bet again to cover his lost”

@dadis_pride commented: “Na investor, allow. Those are the risk one takes to achieve greatness, he’ll bounce back”

@bimsyde penned: “This boi get mind oooo….1.2m play bet and he still get mind carry 2odds. Your brother no go graduate ooo”

@Bossbuzor wrote: “He shares one thing in common with Jeff bezos, Dangote, Elon Musk, Bill gates and Larry page. They all took risk and succeeded. He’s a great man he’ll triumph ”

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