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Man Visits Powerful Village Uncle People Warned Him About, Shakes and Greets him with Confidence

Man Visits Powerful Village Uncle People Warned Him About, Shakes and Greets him with Confidence...Continue The Full Reading.

A young Nigerian man visited his most feared uncle in the village and confidently shook his hands

The man looked straight into his uncle’s eyes even after the man muttered what seemed to be an incantation

In response to comments on his video, the man said the uncle had tried in the past to bring him down but failed

A Nigerian man shared a video of his meeting with the village uncle many people warned him about.

As the uncle walked out of his mud house, he made what looked like an incantation before greeting the young family member.

Visiting families in the village/Family reunion.

The man shook his feared uncle’s hands.

Rare village encounter with powerful uncle

They change pleasantries like Igbo men. The two spoke like two great friends before they again greeted themselves in a traditional way.

A few people who watched the man’s video said he must have spiritually prepared himself for the encounter before meeting the uncle.

The nephew (@ezemmuo23) spoke about how the uncle had tried to pull him down in the past but failed.

Watch his video below:

TheTalk.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Everything_Amanda said:

“He first do incantations, May God protect you, life hard pass TikTok post, eat with him with a very long spoon, that’s my little advice for you.”

He replied:

“He has tried so many times and he failed….my power na from above.”

Vivysmart said:

“The way you are going close to him will even make him not hurt you.”

faith benjamin said:

“Nothing you wan tell me. Na Anambra be this. Na so my grandpa house de red.”


“You can’t run from them , it’s better you face them with full confidence and God.”

The man replied:

“You have said it all …. for how long will you keep running?”

mercy said:

“Why don’t he look at where he is going to be is looking up.”

He replied:

“You dey mind am, for him mind na, so this guy is still Alive.”

UzoAmaka said:

“The way he was looking at you, hmmmm. God would continue protecting you. Amen.”

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