Married woman enraged, says other ladies send suggestive videos to her husband

Married woman sends note of warning to other ladies as she discovers that some of them have been sending suggestive videos to her husband...ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.

The couple made the video together, sharing their experience with some ladies online.

The wife said she found out that some women, even some married ones sent sexual videos of themselves to her husband.

This came as a surprise to her especially as many of them have been insulting her husband in her comment section, referring to him as an ugly man.

She claimed another woman who lives abroad even offered to take her husband out of the country and fix his teeth.

Warning them, she promised to share their videos on social media if they refuse to desist from the act.

According to her, she is managing her husband despite all his flaws and urged them to find their own men and leave hers.

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