Meet the 26-year-old Nigerian who created a generator that runs on water


Emeka Nelson, a Nigerian innovator, gained attention for inventing a water-powered generator at the age of 26. Despite lacking formal engineering certification and education,

Nelson’s ingenuity led to the creation of a generator that runs solely on water. The generator, with a maximum capacity of 1000 Watts and a voltage ranging between 220 and 240, has the potential to challenge conventional power-generating methods in Nigeria.

His generator has powered his 2-bedroom apartment in Awka, Anambra State. Nelson says a litre of clean water can power the generator and supply energy for 6 hours.

The young innovator shared the good news during an interview video with BBC Africa, revealing that just one litre of clean water can power the generator for up to 6 hours.

He also added that he worked on the project for 16 years at the time of his interview with BBC. His invention is not only environmentally friendly but also addresses safety concerns associated with traditional gasoline generators.

At the age of 12, Emeka Nelson lost a close friend in a generator fumes incident. Since then, he has vowed not to rest on his oars, until he developed an alternative to the use of gasoline generators.

Since then, he has been determined to find alternatives to gasoline generators. Besides the water-powered generator, Nelson has also invented a machine that converts waste into petrol and diesel, as well as into tiles and roofing sheets.

During his interview, he said “This generator that uses water instead of petrolーthat fuel that sometimes is almost as expensive as goldーdo not entirely render petrol useless. But if you no longer have to worry about petrol, why not?”

Emeka Nelson’s achievements highlight the potential of homegrown talent in Africa and call for increased support from investors to nurture and promote innovative solutions that can contribute to the continent’s development.

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