Mixed reactions as Aisha Yesufu refuses to stand up for new national anthem (Video)

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu, has come under fire from Nigerians on social media after refusing to stand up while the newly adopted national anthem was being rendered...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Yesufu’s action was in protest of President Bola Tinubu’s decision to sign the National Anthem Bill 2024 into law, which discarded the “Arise, O compatriot” version and reintroduced the old anthem, “Nigeria, We Hail Thee.”

Sharing a video from an event on her X account on Friday, May 31, 2024, the activist wrote “#NotMyNationalAnthem,” indicating her rejection of the new anthem.

In the video, Yesufu was seen sitting on a chair and flipping through a book while everyone else in the hall stood in honour of the national anthem.

She is hardly the only Nigerian who expressed their disapproval of the reinstated anthem.

Former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili, had also kicked against the reintroduction of the anthem and vowed to continue singing the old one.

Nigerians pounce on Aisha Yesufu

Yesufu’s action infuriated some Nigerians who thronged the comment section of her post to express their disapproval.

Singing the national anthem is one thing while sitting while the anthem is being rendered is a violation of the constitution.

However, some Nigerians didn’t see anything wrong in the activist’s actions as they questioned the rationale behind the reintroduction.

Below is how Nigerians reacted to Yesufu’s action

  • If it’s not your Anthem and BAT isn’t your President, why don’t you do yourself a favour and move out of the country till the next election and stop all this disgraceful behaviour of yours – @Oluwasegunmosez
  • This is a disrespect to rule of law. Government authorities should invite her for questioning. – @badlieutanant
  • This is wrong no matter what you have to respect our nation anthem and the president order – @Homiebishop
  • You’re committing a very a punishable offense against your country, your so called party won’t be able to safe you by the time the government come for you – @KvnqDc
  • This is totally wrong, I condemn this act. Nigeria is our country and you should respect our National Anthem no matter your political stand – @supersofteey
  • One truth is sacrosanct, the National Anthem will outlive you. Your children’s children will be proud President Tinubu revived back the old anthem – @Yeribabaa
  • I don’t think she understands the implication. – @YayaOseni
  • This is a disrespect to the country though Sorry to say – @iconicsteve01
  • When this comes back to haunt you sha don’t cry foul – @Mayordavid_9
  • Chapter 2. Section 24: Duties Of The Citizen of the Nigerian Constitution provides that every citizen regardless of political power/financial status respect, obey, & abide the national anthem of the federation. Failure leads to criminal charges, civil penalties, & govt response – @thebeeperfumery
  • You all are criticizing her for not respecting the rule of law and disrespecting the nation. Meanwhile, your politicians who make the rules are stealing and embezzling, which is a greater disrespect, yet you still vote for them. Make una go find eba warm abeg – @Kellybonito_
  • I stand with you ….scrap the new national anthem it’s sucks – @ICUI4CU3592
  • This is clearly a protest and it’s one of the rights of the citizens. You can decide to hail or not hail. – @UnlimitedEniola
  • I stand with you – @Kokodollarz
  • It is still like a dream to me. In the state of the nation, changing National anthem is a priority??? Wow! – @yourodogwu...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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