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Most of Palestinians believe 7 October attacks were ‘correct’




According to a recent poll by the Palestinian Centre for Policy Survey and Research, 72% of Palestinians believe that Hamas’ October 7 assaults in southern Israel were “correct,” as reported by Sky News.

This represents nearly three-quarters of the Palestinian population. On the other hand, 22% of respondents said the attacks were “incorrect,” and the remainder respondents were either unsure or did not react.

The pre-war polling data from PCPSR indicates a notable increase in support for Hamas in Gaza, with more than triple the support in the West Bank, where violence has reached its highest levels in years.

Among the respondents, 52% from Gaza and 85% from the West Bank expressed satisfaction with the role of Hamas in the ongoing conflict.

This data underscores the diverse perspectives within the Palestinian population regarding the actions of Hamas, with a significant portion expressing support for the recent attacks. The findings shed light on the complexities of public opinion in the midst of heightened tensions and conflict.

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