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Mr Ibu supported Obi, why isn’t he helping the ailing actor? – Reno Omokri rants



Social commentator Reno Omokri has stated that Peter Obi of the Labour Party ought to support veteran actor John Okafor who is widely known as Mr Ibu as he battles an unusual ailment which may cause him to lose one of his legs.....PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

Taking to his X account, Reno said that since Mr Ibu openly supported and rallied for Peter Obi during the 2023 elections, he should assist the veteran by covering his medical expenses.

Reno continued by saying that Peter Obi shouldn’t have any trouble providing financial support to Mr. Ibu because, at first, he had claimed to be wealthier than Joe Biden, the US president who was at that time worth $8.2 million.

The social analyst also expressed surprise at Peter Obi’s decision to ignore Mr. Ibu’s birthday celebration on Tuesday, October 17, given the attention and assistance the veteran provided during the election campaign.

Check his post here: HERE IS THE POST


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