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‘My Children Have Been At Home Since Resumption, No Money To Send Them Back To School’ – According to Drug Suspect




While traveling to Abuja, a retired soldier and his companion were detained by the Nigerian Navy when they were found in possession of 455 kilograms of cannabis.

The retired soldier, whose identity was kept private, claimed that his friend persuaded him to pursue the business because he was having trouble making ends meet at home and couldn’t afford to send his kids back to school.

He said that this was his first time engaging in such unlawful activities and that he was ignorant of the nature of the business.

He said in a press release by Channels TV, ”It was on Friday that my friend informed me of this work. And it was because I told him things were not working well for me.

My children have been at home since resumption, no money to send them back to school. He told me no problem and that we should go and hustle.

This is the first trip that we went for. And I don’t know this is what we want to do. On our way back, we met this navy checkpoint, they stopped us and told us to open the boot. That was how we got arrested. This is my first time.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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