My Ex Husband’s Girlfriend Who Bullied Me Took Explicit Pictures Of My Kids -Korra Obidi Says

My Ex Husband’s Girlfriend Who Bullied Me Took Explicit Pictures Of My Kids -Korra Obidi Says..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In a revelation, renowned Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi took to social media to expose her ex-husband’s girlfriend for allegedly sharing explicit pictures of her children on WhatsApp.

According to Korra Obidi, she said ” My ex husband girlfriend who bullied me took explicit pictures of my kids”

Korra Obidi, expressed her anguish over the incident in a heartfelt video.

According to Korra Obidi, a woman who had been harassing her for years visited her ex-husband Justin Dean’s house, where he had left her and their children.

Korra Obidi made it clear, that Disturbingly, this woman began capturing explicit images of Obidi’s innocent children and sharing them within WhatsApp groups. Obidi confided in Dean, hoping for support, but to her dismay, he dismissed her claims as false.

Recalling the distressing events, Korra Obidi revealed, “My ex-husband told me I was dreaming about it when he hit me and said I dreamt about it and it didn’t happen.”

She further disclosed an incident where Dean insulted her at a friend’s birthday party and physically pushed her into a bush. Astonishingly, the next day he denied the occurrence, accusing Obidi of hallucinating.

Speaking about Dean’s girlfriend, Obidi dismissed his denial as propaganda, emphasizing that evidence of the explicit images circulated widely.

The distraught mother expressed her disappointment and frustration, as she believed her ex-husband should have taken immediate action to protect their children.

Korra Obidi gave insight of what she was facing, when she was married to her ex husband Justin Dean. What are your thoughts on this?...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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