Netizens buzz over KWAM 1 and Gbenga Adeyinka’s swift gaze at DJ Pretty Play’s huge backside in viral clip

Netizens buzz over KWAM 1 and Gbenga Adeyinka’s swift gaze at DJ Pretty Play’s huge backside in viral clip...Continue The Full Reading.

K1 De Ultimate caused a sensation during his band’s performance when DJ Pretty Play boldly strutted onto the stage, flaunted her dance skills and shaking her curves in front of him.

The striking figure of DJ Pretty Play caught the attention of numerous dignitaries in the audience, sparking whispers and intrigued glances.

Gbenga Adeyinka’s reaction to the electrifying moment only added fuel to the fire, becoming a focal point of online chatter among netizens

Nigerian fuji legend Wasiu Omogbolahan Olasunkanmi, known as K1 De Ultimate or Kwam 1, made a notable appearance at the Celebration of Life event for the late Pa Olusegun Ajanaku, catching the attention of social media users as he trended online.

Amid a gathering of prominent dignitaries, the indigenous artist graced the hall with his powerful vocals, accompanied by his band, creating a captivating atmosphere.

During his performance, a video captured the intriguing moment when the up-and-coming Nigerian DJ, Pretty Play, with her striking curves, climbed onto the stage to greet Kwam 1.

After theu exchanged pleasantries, she was seen energetically dancing with her back facing the renowned Fuji star in a bold display.

This unexpected turn left the star momentarily surprised and unsure how to respond, yet he composed himself and continued with his performance, albeit with a subtle hint of intrigue sparked by the unexpected encounter.

DJ Pretty Play descended from the podium and mingled with the audience, where she was warmly greeted by a young man who shared a brief embrace with her.

Meanwhile, seated midway between these unfolding interactions, ace comedian Gbenga Adeyinka found himself momentarily captivated by the curvaceous lady’s descent from the stage, starred briefly at her backside, only to swiftly compose himself and redirect his attention.


The video generated a lot of teasing comments about DJ Pretty Play’s captivating appearance, especially her striking figure. Netizens also pointed out KWAM 1 and Gbenga Adeyinka’s noticeable gazes directed towards her....Continue The Full Reading.>’. 




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