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Netizens mock Reno Omokri for calling adoption of old anthem big mistake - UTWEETS
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Netizens mock Reno Omokri for calling adoption of old anthem big mistake

If the self-styled table shaker has never known how people regard him, reactions to his comment on the new abi, old national anthem are expository enough...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Many people don’t seem to take him seriously even when he speaks the truth because of the inconsistencies in his statements.

Omokri had in a post, condemned the signing into law, the old National Anthem, describing its reinstatement as a big mistake that ‘looks like a step backwards’. Reacting to Omokri’s post reported by Vanguard, Netizens made mockery of him, calling him all sorts of names.

They didn’t also take it lightly that the title ‘pastor’ was used to describe him in that report. Here are a few of the reactions.

“Reno, you forgot to fault Peter Obi,” Ehis Paul wrote.

Sunday Okafor wrote, “The old Anthem is better than you Pastor Reno.”

Joshua Ozoemena reacted, “Who is Reno Omokri to tell us what is right or wrong about the Nigeria Anthem, is he in Nigeria?”

Gozie Nwachukwu asked, “Who give this man pastor?” “Who ordained this one as a pastor?” Adoyi Ernest also questioned.

Emeka Esogbue wrote, “I have never read you praise any government policy except your belief. Anyway, you have a new anthem, start to learn it immediately.”

Okolo Okwudili reacted, “Who cares about what this one is saying, he is going to say it is Obi that changed it.”

Chukwuma Eke wrote, “Why is he not blaming PO on this one?”

Benjamin Ogar wrote, “I thought Tinubu, sorry Aki is always right na?”

Victor Best wrote, “Pastor indeed, this man that says yes today and tomorrow he will say no. Abeg ooo.”

“See who is talking” Emmanuel Onwuegbuchunam commented.

Chukwuma Ojeogu wrote, “Reno the parrot should go to court.”

Noble John wrote, “Remove that ‘pastor’ very fast…”

“Which Pastor”, Sunday Okafor asked while Uchechukwu Uba supported him, “Pastor. Since when, please?”

Paul Enenya wrote, “This man has started responding to treatment. He talked responsibly for the first time.”

Don Paschal caps it all, “They don’t want to settle this man with one position. Don’t worry, when he will start opening his can of worms, you people will be shocked.”

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