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‘Never seen a dog so sad’: Abandoned dog found whimpering after losing all of her puppies



“I have never in my life seen a dog so incredibly sad,” Hall told the Dodo. “She literally cried real tears”.

“She was the most traumatised, saddest dog I’ve ever seen. I just held her because I knew exactly how she felt.”

The dog – later named June – was still whimpering at the time of her rescue, wandering around the dangerous terrain with no one to claim her.

The rescuer later concluded that the dog must have lost her puppies and that this was causing her tremendous pain.

Aware that June’s journey to happiness would be a long and arduous one, Hall made it her top priority to find June a new home.

After the dog was checked by a veterinarian, Hall wrote about her plight online in the hope of finding someone to take care of her.

June’s case eventually garnered interest, and a woman reached out proposing to look after the dog for a short while, having recently adopted another female pitbull who had also lost her babies.

Knowing that the duo would most likely make a good match, Hall handed over the dog.

The arrangement was only meant to be temporary, but it soon became apparent to the foster carer that June was where she was meant to be, so her foster carer ended up adopting her adopted her.

“June came right out of her shell right away with her new family,” Hall said. “All she does now is give kisses. She’s so happy.”

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