Niger Coup: Fresh Update Emerges Over President Bazoum’s Condition in Detention

Niger, Niamey – An emerging update from the Republic of Niger has confirmed that President Mohamed Bazoum and his family are in a grim condition in detention...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

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This update was reported by France 24 on Wednesday, August 9, noting that President Bazoum and his family are running out of food supply.

Bazoum, Niger
Several reports said President Bazoum’s health condition is still stable presently.

It was confirmed in a statement issued by the political party of the detained President that Bazoum and his family have been without electricity for days while in detention.

The statement confirmed that the president’s family has been without electricity and running water for a week and only has dried and canned foods left to eat.

However, it was gathered that President Bazoum is still in good health.

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