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Nigerian Lawyer Exits Whatsapp Group After The Groom Who Is His Friend Asked Everyone To Pay 200k As Contribution

A Nigerian lawyer has recounted the experience of how he exited a WhatsApp group after the groom, who was not a particularly close friend, requested a contribution of ₦200,000 from each member towards the wedding.

According to the Lawyer, asides asking for N200, 000, the said groom-to-be asked his friends to also pay for family fabric (asoebi).

The lawyer wrote; ‘’A not so close friend created a WhatsApp group last week for his wedding. I was even happy that at least I would attend a wedding to gbe body after along time.

After the preliminaries about aso ebi and all, he went on to say those of us on the group will be the aso ebi/groom’s men and we will contribute at least 200k each for the wedding. The part that burst my head was the deadline for the payments.

The wedding is in June, so all payments must be made on or before the end of May. I thought it was a joke until he started tagging me to confirm. I just quietly left the group and blocked him on all social media platforms, including WhatsApp.”

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