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Nigerian man's attitude during pregnant lover's maternity shoot sparks reactions - UTWEETS
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Nigerian man’s attitude during pregnant lover’s maternity shoot sparks reactions

A video of a pregnant Nigerian lady and her man during a photo shoot session has caused a frenzy on social media...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In the video shared by @expensivebabe10 on TikTok, the man’s behaviour did not sit well with netizens who questioned if the man was truly the father of her child.

The shy man just stood quietly until his pregnant lover grabbed his hand and placed it on her belly to spice up the shoot.

As she posted the clip, the lady’s caption obliged netizens to congratulate her to be blessed with the fruit of the womb.

“You are the next. Just say congratulations with faith,” she said.

@Asa_Nwanyi_Egede reacted: “Please did you Rent the guy from the studio for the Video part?”

@Benxagon stated: “If the young man feel not happy at d moment, wen he wil bcom a FATHER with responsibilities, he will stand up & praise himself that HE IS A MAN. Later he will appreciate what he don’t want now.”

@Amiberry reacted: “Congratulations dear God please remember us this year by God grace.”

@Montana said: “Hmmm why you dy shy ehhh fine boy nor be you put am.”

@naabbelinda925 said: “Seeooo. The man is not happy. Is the bele not …………….? I need an answer.”

@Maame_owusua09 added: “U sure say en be the original owner of the pregnancy cos hmm. I love how u grab his hand tho.”..Watch the video below:…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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