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Nigerians Demand Support for Government Initiatives to Revive Education




The National Coordinator, Progressives Change Agents Initiative, Dr. Seun Osamaye has Nigerians to support the government to revive the system of education in the country.

Osamaye made the call at a news conference in Abuja, ahead of the inauguration of a 200 capacity ultra-modern library at the Adeyemi Federal University Ondo.

The library, sponsored by Osamaye would be inaugurated on Thursday December 14th, 2023.

She decried the current state of education in the country, saying that if nothing is urgently done, the system could collapse before long.

Osamaye also said that the government cannot sustain the educational system alone, calling for a joint stakeholders’ action to revive the sector.

The advocate for education charged all well to do Nigerians and all old boys and girls of versions institutions to take actions towards reviving and developing their alma maters.

“I honestly feel something has to be done urgently about our educational system; we have to be deliberate, we have to be conscious, we have to be strategic in the educational sector of this country.

“If we are not strategic, if we are not deliberate, the educational system of this country will collapse very soon,” she said.

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