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Nigerians react to the idea of a new wage system

Nigerians react to the idea of a new wage system...Continue The Full Reading.

The National Productivity Center has disclosed its intentions to develop a new wage system. On Monday, the head of this group hinted at the idea of a productivity-based disbursement protocol, where workers of the same grade can earn different salaries. This idea would be run by relevant stakeholder before being presented to the government for approval.

This information was made known by the Director-General of the National Productivity Centre, NPC, Dr. Nasir Raji-Mustapha, who made mention of the idea while in Abuja teaching Nigerians about the mission and values of the organization.

As seen in the Vanguard newspaper, the DG clarified that employees at the same level might receive varying pay under the system and that the decision was made after realizing that productivity is a crucial component in the expansion of the national economy.

“We are in the process of developing a productivity-led wage system that will ensure that those who are productive are rewarded for their efforts irrespective of their grade level. Under the proposed system, employees on the same salary scale can earn different wages,” he said.

The DG, however, admitted that the idea must be run by stakeholders before being presented to the federal government for approval.

“Of course, labor as a critical stakeholder is being carried along in this exercise. As researchers, we don’t just do things without considering the recipient of the reports,” he said.

“When we started the project about three or four years ago, we held a stakeholders’ forum in which the labor unions participated. We even went further to send a memo to NLC and TUC to ask them whether they will support the proposed Wage System and they said they will welcome it,” he added.

So far, Nigerians have taken to social media to relay their opinions on the idea.

During his briefing, the director general further disclosed that the Center was collaborating with several foreign agencies and organizations to ensure that the productivity and skill levels of Nigerian laborers are significantly increased to have a beneficial economic effect.

He pointed out that NPC has expanded the range of foreign organizations with whom it collaborates, including the Asia Productivity Association, the Japanese Foreign Cooperation Agency (JACA), the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the Africa Productivity Association....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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