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Nobody fought over seat allocation in Senate, says Adaramodu

Nobody fought over seat allocation in Senate, says Adaramodu...Continue The Full Reading.

 The Senate has described as untrue, rumour making the rounds in some online media platforms that there was disagreement and rancour over the seating arrangements in the Senate.

The purported rancour,  it added, exists only in the minds of the purveyors and sponsors of the news.

A statement by the Senate Committee Chairman on Media and Publicity, Yemi Adaramodu reads:  “There was no disagreement, rancour or any verbal tirade in respect of the seat arrangements in the Senate chamber. The Senate resumed today in the newly renovated chamber and the seating positions of Senators were done in accordance with the established legislative protocols.

” It’s pertinent to note that rankings of Senators and leadership positions are considered when allocating seats to Senators. All legislators all over the world know and accept this tradition.

“The new arrangements in the chamber today did not depart from this. Every Senator is thus considered based on this legislative tradition, hence there couldn’t have been any confusion over seating arrangements as being mischievously peddled.

“Senators have been observing these seating protocols, even in the temporary chamber, hence the unfounded story of a phantom fight over seating arrangements is an unscrupulous attempt to drag the image of the Senate into an unnecessary and needless controversy”.

He called on the general public to “disregard this odious song of sorrow from these incorrigible wholesalers and retailers of falsehood.”...Continue Full Reading.>’.

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