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Notcoin: Young Man Who Cashed out from New Crypto Announces Giveaway Online, Nigerians Rejoice - UTWEETS
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Notcoin: Young Man Who Cashed out from New Crypto Announces Giveaway Online, Nigerians Rejoice

A young Nigerian man has taken to social media to celebrate earning from the recently launched Notcoin cryptocurrency
The excited youth revealed the amount he got after selling his Notcoin and announced a giveaway for his social media pals..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

A crypto expert, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, shared with TheTalk.NG what the future holds for ‘rave-of-the-moment’ Notcoin

A Nigerian man, Hardman Goodluck Goddy, excitedly announced a giveaway online after profiting from Notcoin.

Notcoin, a cryptocurrency, made Nigerians richer by thousands and millions following its successful launch.

Nigerians rejoice as young man announces giveaway after cashing out from Notcoin.

The young man cashed out from Notcoin.
Photo Credit: Hardman Goodluck Goddy, Bitcoin NewsSource: Facebook

While some people who claimed the Notcoin airdrops sold off theirs after its listing, others still held their tokens.

Goodluck was one of those who sold his Notcoin tokens and celebrated it online. Goodluck said he got N205k from selling his Notcoin. He wrote on Facebook:

“I don sell my Notcoin, #205,000. Imagine having like 12 of this in a year.

“Let Giveaway begins.”

Speaking on the future of Notcoin, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, a crypto expert, told TheTalk.NG that its price would go up further as it is in a bull run. In his words:

“You can go see for yourself the current situation of the price chart…This is bull run, and whatever more yes than nays will do well, so Notcoin will go further than that, and they’re okay coin too to look out for like the Ton, Core, etc.”

People celebrate with the Notcoin beneficiary

Chinenye Annah said:




Adebowale Abdulazeez said:

“How do you sell it sir.

“I want to sell mine too.”

Musa Adamu Usman said:

“Congratulations brother. I sold mine for $403.

“Congratulations to usssss.”

Osejele Osejele said:

“Congratulations. Abeg add me for the giveaway oh.”

Prezz Prezzdons said:

“Boss biko do giveaway my small one is hanged at TG wallet.”

Samuel D Friday said:

“Congratulation bro…welfare ur guy pls 5k.”

Sochi Blaize Amechi said:

“Omoo, u no legit crypto lord…”

Ikechukwu Wisdom said:

“Bro the Harmstart kombart, any hidden way to boost my mining, even my hourly mining when am off.”

Chinny Favy Eni said:

“Wao congratulations boss do giveaway.”

Man withdraws Notcoin earnings to OPay account

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG previously reported that a Nigerian youth had celebrated cashing out from Notcoin.

Jhesse sold off his mined Notcoin airdrops and withdrew the money via his OPay account. Taking to Facebook, Jhesse displayed his OPay account balance, which showed he received over N134k.

He hinted at focusing on Tapswap, whose launch pool is barely two days away. Netizens celebrated with him, and others wondered how he did it. TheTalk.NG contacted a crypto expert to explain how one can withdraw their Notcoin earnings, and he explained it in detail.

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