Okrika seller in tears after opening N420k bale, finds rubbish inside

A woman from Nigeria shared her sad story about buying what she thought was a high-quality bundle of secondhand clothes, only to receive a bunch of low-quality items instead...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

She had high hopes and dreams of starting a resale business, aiming to sell top-notch UK boutique standard clothes. She spent a significant amount of N420,000 on the bundle.

But her excitement quickly turned to disappointment when she opened the package and saw that the clothes were not up to the promised standard.

Nigerian lady in tears after opening N420k thrift clothes bundle, discovers poor quality inside

She expressed her sadness over the loss of her investment and recognized the risk she had taken.

In her words;

“You took the risk to order first grade UK boutique standard dress bale. They sent rubbish to me. N420k gone but we no dey give up for this side.”

The story quickly gained traction on social media, drawing an outpouring of sympathy and support from netizens.

Netizens Reactions…

@Bruchybae commented: “Omo, me I wanted to buy just jeans skirt UK bale, the guy convinced me to buy another one, na so I enter one chance with 240k. I nor gree o. I packaged everything n went to his shop in the afternoon.”

@oma love said; “If you are in Anambra take it to uwa mgbede market ring bell, you will sale some in a day, that if you throw away shame.”

@Cap Girl added; “This exact thing ruined my business last year. Took a looong pause and had to restart. I’ll handpick any day! I no mind the profit. Abeg oh.”

@JenJen said; “Can you pls explain the business? I am based in the United States but I am looking to invest the in Nigerian business market.”

@Dee_vine ventures reacted; “Wash iron, sell some 2k some 3k the ones you know are fine get a tailor to recreate something out of it like a restyle and sell higher, anyhow money must be made just try and figure something out. Doh.”.More of the story …Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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